Tasting the surprise set menu at Gerald’s Bar in Gros

Gerald’s Bar was stablished by an Aussie who came to live in our city some decades ago. Nowadays he doesn’t reside here anymore but its essence and good work remains amongst us. Let’s details its highlights and downsides:

  • Classic decor, with a certain bistrot air, including linen tablecloths and silver cutlery, also napkin rings.  Cozy and relaxed atmosphere.
  • The surprise set menu concept. Everyday the chef arrange a menu and nobody will reveil it. Obviously, the’ll pay attention to possible allergics or phobias to take them into consideration. Be aware as well that not everybody will taste the same dishes, as some products can be finished and replaced for others, so your table’s neighbours could have a different menu. For single customers will be an starter followed by a main course, for two customers or more will be two different starters to share. Price € 22 drinks not included (except tap water). A bit more expensive than the average in town.
  • If you don’t dare to choose the surprise option, there’s a menu as well with different options (see picture at the gallery).
  • Quality local products. Well chosen vegetables and selected meat. Especially recommended to whet your appetite the prepared olives and flavorful almonds.
  • LP player music. Soul and jazz softly playing and the info about the album you are listening to.
  • Competent and nice staff. Always open to detail the available choices. English spoken.
Dirección: Iparragirre Kalea, 13, San Sebastián, España

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