Tasting menu at Martin Berasategi Restaurant in Lasarte

Martín Berasategui grew up around the kitchenette and the tables of Bodegón Alejandro, when this classic in the Old Town was run by his parents and his aunt. There he began as cook assistant and nowadays, after years of studies and stays at nearby and foreign restaurants, he leads a gastronomic empire that sums up ten Michelin stars.

Let’s enumerate the highlights of its most emblematic restaurant, Michelin 3-star and located in Lasarte municipality, a few kilometres away from San Sebastian:

  • Location. A modern building built around a garden with fruit trees. The experience upgrades with these views, especially if the weather allows the use of the terrace. Anyway, large windows allow this great view from the inside too.
  • Interiors. Broad spaces between tables, something valuable when having table neighbors during around four hours. Cozy atmosphere even in those large spaces.
  • Exquisite attention. Friendly treatment from the reception, the staff, and Martin himself, who, whenever he can, personally greets all the guests nice and attentively. In case of celebration, they usually have details with the honoree, or just prepare the wine poured label as a souvenir if someone asks for it.
  • Presentation and product. Here’s the main subject concerned, food. Creative dishes and high quality selected products creates a superb experience. In the case of first league restaurants, food is supposed to thrill- which does not always happen unfortunately… – and this menu gets to move people. Among the dishes served, there are both classics from years ago and new additions. The year of creation is indicated in the dossier attached to the tasting menu.

As a summary, an outstanding and complete experience. Martín generates a confidence that is surely born of sincere humility and desire to please the client. Excellent.

The price per person of the tasting menu is € 220, taxes and wine not included.

Dirección: Loidi Kalea, 4, Lasarte-Oria, España

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