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    Convent Garden’s El Patio: a terrace in the city center

    Convent Garden is a multispace with a restaurant, a hostel, a roof terrace, a crypt and the patio. Today we’ll speak about its inner courtyard called Patio. Opened about four years ago, we loved from the beginning just for the naming, a reference to the classic London area but also to its past as a convent of nuns -still remains a certain… pious feeling- until the last decade. Perfect for a drink after the workday or before dinner as a meeting point. Particularly suitable for summer but thanks to its stoves and awnings we can also have terrace days during the rest of the year. Closing hours at 10pm on weekdays and at 11pm on the weekend. Designed as…

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    Nice pintxos in the city center at Zazpi bar

    Terraza Zazpi Donosti

    The Zazpi bar is well located in the pedestrian San Marcial street. It’s a bar daily frequented by workers from the sorrounding area and, lately, also by people scaping from the massified Parte Vieja. Its interior may seem not very glamorous, but don’t trust in appearances, this bar has a fabulous kitchen which worths to be visited. The offer in pintxos is… pure luxury, haute cuisine in a small size format. The staff also seems to be motivated and has knowledge about the product list or possible recommendations about wines. In short, it’s a place where invest wisely the budget when going out on a pintxos tour. Friendly prices in the…