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    A japanese in Gros called Elosta

    Japanese cuisine claims to be light and quite healthy, so this place can be a nice option in January with the New Year’s resolutions. Elosta Sushi Bar, despite its Basque name and facade, has a menu mainly Japanese with certain Basque and Peruvian influences. We love it and here go the reasons: Clean aesthetics and a really clean place. We all know about the frenetic pace at some sushi bars, which can lead to mess and dirtiness. Big point given for keeping the place impeccable. Creative, not being the classic serial sushi ready to gobble, but a product worthy to be firstly analysed thanks to its careful presentation and then…

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    Tasting the surprise set menu at Gerald’s Bar in Gros

    Gerald’s Bar was stablished by an Aussie who came to live in our city some decades ago. Nowadays he doesn’t reside here anymore but its essence and good work remains amongst us. Let’s details its highlights and downsides: Classic decor, with a certain bistrot air, including linen tablecloths and silver cutlery, also napkin rings.  Cozy and relaxed atmosphere. The surprise set menu concept. Everyday the chef arrange a menu and nobody will reveil it. Obviously, the’ll pay attention to possible allergics or phobias to take them into consideration. Be aware as well that not everybody will taste the same dishes, as some products can be finished and replaced for others, so…

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    A classic in the pintxos world: Bodega Donostiarra bar

    terraza bodega

    Peña and Goñi street has become recently in a pedestrian street full of trendy bars and restaurants. But, long time ago, when this area was less chic, the bar Bodega Donostiarra already prepared amazing pintxos for the working class. Now it’s a well considered bar where pilgrims arrive everyday looking for a great cuisine with decades of experience offering nice quality ingredients and tasty flavours. The offer includes portions, salads and sandwiches but the highlights are the three prizewinners pintxos, served by dozens at peak times: Indurain, a version of the classic Gilda with 5 piparras (like chilis) one for each of its won Tours, the Completo, a small and tasty…

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    Basque Country meets Mexico at Gatxupa

    Pintxo y margarita

    In the last years we are living in our city the opening of middle-class restaurants bearing the name of big chefs. It’s possibly a way to be even more loaded diversify their businesses. This phenomenon offers to ordinary citizens the oportunity to be somewhere lookalike the stars, whether Michelin or not. Oh, this humility moves us… One of these cases has been Gatxupa, inaugurated a few months ago by chef Bruno Oteiza -born and fed in Donostia but become a seasoned pro after travelling around half the world- who, at his return to San Sebastian, has decided that we needed another restaurant basque-mexican fusion. Will it have our approval?  It’s Saturday…

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    Craft beers at Baga Biga Faktoria

    The craft beer boom had to lead later or sooner in the opening of specialized places where to taste them. Baga Biga Faktoria has just opened in April 2019 and offers a wide selection of tap craft beers, packaged as well. By June, their own beer, called Baga Biga -of course!- will be ready to go. If you find a table available, there’s also a small menu with eight simple options prepared right there at the kitchen. The price range is wide but tends to expensive -obviously, comparing with alcohol average prices in Spain-: small size (0,20l from €2) up to an special and imported 0,75l that rounds €14. However, you’ll have…