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    The bars that overcharged tourists

    A few days ago our main local newspaper published an article that caused some stir. The text exposed the foul play of some bars in the Old Town, discovered after sending two couples, one local and the other one foreign, making the same orders and then comparing each paying tickets. Well, and what happened? The poor guiris had, in five bars from the seven chosen, some small extras added that the locals hadn’t have to pay. Among them, they had to pay for a beer instead for the zurito that was really poured (small size beer), or paying for a beer like if it was a pint. The same happened…

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    A classic in the pintxos world: Bodega Donostiarra bar

    terraza bodega

    Peña and Goñi street has become recently in a pedestrian street full of trendy bars and restaurants. But, long time ago, when this area was less chic, the bar Bodega Donostiarra already prepared amazing pintxos for the working class. Now it’s a well considered bar where pilgrims arrive everyday looking for a great cuisine with decades of experience offering nice quality ingredients and tasty flavours. The offer includes portions, salads and sandwiches but the highlights are the three prizewinners pintxos, served by dozens at peak times: Indurain, a version of the classic Gilda with 5 piparras (like chilis) one for each of its won Tours, the Completo, a small and tasty…

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    Nice pintxos in the city center at Zazpi bar

    Terraza Zazpi Donosti

    The Zazpi bar is well located in the pedestrian San Marcial street. It’s a bar daily frequented by workers from the sorrounding area and, lately, also by people scaping from the massified Parte Vieja. Its interior may seem not very glamorous, but don’t trust in appearances, this bar has a fabulous kitchen which worths to be visited. The offer in pintxos is… pure luxury, haute cuisine in a small size format. The staff also seems to be motivated and has knowledge about the product list or possible recommendations about wines. In short, it’s a place where invest wisely the budget when going out on a pintxos tour. Friendly prices in the…

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    Bars in Amara: El Once de Sancho el Sabio

    decoración el once

    Opened in December, this small bar is a good choice for locals and people lodged in Amara. In a nearby future, this zone will be refurbished to expand the terrace area, creating a nice boulevard. Meanwhile, El Once serves and suggests good wines as well as a small menu with portions and pintxos. The kitchen is simple and occasionally serves canned products, but always good quality and served with toasted and prepared with oil bread. When to go: From the coffee hour in the morning, to noon with a classic paella at the terrace in case of good weather, until the wine time in the evening. So, make a stop here…

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    Pintxo tour at Casa Vergara

    Located next to Santa María’s church, in the heart of the pintxo’s golden mile, Casa Vergara reopens its doors with new owners and a new identity. With a nice decoration and a renewed impetus, the place is ideal to have a drink with a pintxo, either going on a pintxos route or before lunch or dinner, as an aperitif. The offer focuses around cod, main star at our ports and flagship of our typical cuisine, so we can find it cooked in multiple ways. Quality is… let’s say medium range, but prices tend to high range… get your own conclusions. Tip: Better choose those optimal detected pintxos or ask for…