Peruvian cuisine at Ekeko

Ekeko was at first a project of our coolest bakery in town The Loaf, but nowadays has a couple of restaurants, one on the pedestrian street of Reyes Católicos and the other one in the Old Town at Enbeltran st.. It could be summarized as something good, nice and… quite cheap.

Everything with an aesthetic appearance and made with care. If possible, apart of nice flavours, we appreciate fun dishes as well.

Quite cheap, being something halfway between street food and a menu. Between their distinctives, the causa limeña -a cold and colourful sort of potato salad with chili, lime and guacamole- their croquetas de ají de gallina (hem), their pan bao de panceta (bacon), Pitutxipi -squids in tempura-, the classic ceviche or their sánguches (sandwiches) made with sourdough bread. Small sizes available, suitable for making a diverse tasting choose.

About drinks, we can also find Andean options such as Inca Kola, Cusco beer, the chicha morada -a sweet and non-alcoholic option- and the main star, pisco sour.

A friendly crew within the bar, always willing to explain customers, especially when not used to some of these ingredients. If good weather, the cozy terrace of Reyes Catolicos offers the best atmosphere.

Not precisely a simple sandwich…
Dirección: Reyes Catolicos Kalea, 6, San Sebastián, España

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