Kokotxa Restaurant: a Michelin Star in the Old Town

It’s probably time to leave the pintxos appart for a while and going to taste a serious meal. Kokotxa, by the chef Dani López, suppose an upgrade in the old town, close to the Santa María Church and just a few steps from the classic Gastronomic Society Gaztelubide. Obviously the budget must be stronger than when going in a pintxos tour but at least a taxi won’t be necessary, as happens with another Michelin stars in the urban periphery

Only two variants to choose between: the full Tasting Menu for € 120 and the Market Menu for € 88, quite similars both of them but, in the case of the shorter one, some dishes are obviously excluded, reducing thus the average time dedicated to complete it.

 Impressions and conclusions:

  • The dining room is pretty small – for about 30 people – but results a cozy place due its plenty of natural light.
  • The small size of the dishes is striking. It’s something quite usual to find in this kind of places, but when you have received the sixth Lego brick you begin to reckon this is the norm…
  • Impeccable presentation and absence of food illusions. At least, that cute little thing is real and delicious
  • Exquisite general perform, great quality pieces – despite the mini cut – in top quality fish. The fish here is definitely remarkable. My favorite, in the heading picture, was the red mullet, on its bones praline and beans reduction.
  • Wine list with enough variety and reasonable prices, being able to choose between bottles or glass.
  • Sublime desserts. For lovers of sweetness not excessively sweet, this is the right place.
Dirección: Kanpandegi Kalea, 11, San Sebastián, España

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