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In search of the perfect txangurro at Rekondo

Rekondo is that kind of restaurant to keep in mind and go on special occasions, or simply whenever you want to indulge. Not being in the Champions League of the Michelin stars, it is nevertheless a highly respected place among us, the inhabitants of San Sebastian, a safe bet which offers haute cuisine without superfluous elements. Quite often is chosen by celebrities arrived for the Film Festival for their meals.

Located in the road from the Antiguo neighbourhood to Igueldo mountain, resides in a typical Basque house with a big terrace that, if the weather allows it, offers an added value to the experience.

The cellar is spectacularly large, offering thus an extent wine list where practically any demand will be pleased. Some acquaintances have achieved to make a tour by the cave, after becoming almost friends of the sommelier, and obviously, after ordering some high level wines.

Every season they slightly change the menu, but keeping their greatest hits, among which the baked txangurro (crab) stands out. Normally it’s served in its shell, but in our picture you will see it placed in a bowl due it was shared. It’s simply perfect, a brutal taste that makes you sigh with each scoop.

Another hit is the rice with clams, not ordered this time. In the picture that heads the post, the carpaccio of carabineros (giant scarlett prawn), amazingly tasty.

The price is moderately high, around 80-100 € per diner. In short, highly recommended.

Dirección: Igeldo Pasealekua, 57, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

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