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Classic basque cuisine at Zelai Txiki

Today’s review is about a restaurant located at the foot of Mount Ulía, in a renovated caserío (typical basque house) that offers a tree-lined terrace and interior dining rooms. Perfect for family events and a place in general infallible for classic foodies, these are its main strenghts:

  • Elegant place which lifts spirits. Fine decoration at the dining room. Attentive and helpful waiters, the staff seems to have been working there for decades, which is a nice signal.
  • Menu composed by classics of Basque cuisine. Why get involved in modernity when someone already masters the traditional? Nice cellar with good wine options.
  • Classic but not oldie, and you will find examples of avant-garde traces with many dishes, like homemade ice cream with incredible flavors such as Gilda (the classic pintxo made with chili, olive and anchovy), beet or avocado.
  • Top quality product, generous quantities and reasonable prices for such a great experience (€ 60-80 per diner on average).
Dirección: Rodil kalea, 79, Donostia-San Sebastian, Spain

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