A Japanese restaturant in Gros called Elosta

Japanese cuisine claims to be light and quite healthy, so this place can be a nice option in January with the New Year’s resolutions.

Elosta Sushi Bar, despite its Basque name and facade, has a menu mainly Japanese with certain Basque and Peruvian influences. We love it and here go the reasons:

  • Clean aesthetics and a really clean place. We all know about the frenetic pace at some sushi bars, which can lead to mess and dirtiness. Big point given for keeping the place impeccable.
  • Creative, not being the classic serial sushi ready to gobble, but a product worthy to be firstly analysed thanks to its careful presentation and then be tasted due the delicacy of its ingredients. Really fine gyozas, well made uramakis and tiraditos (a sort of sashimi).
  • Quality product. Apart from classics such as salmon or butterfish, the menu offers higher products of the fish market such as oysters or carabineros (Giant Scarlet prawns). .
  • Friendly, professional and collaborative staff, something necessary, specially when doubts arise. This is not a trivial matter, we have experienced some unkind manners and bad mood in other Japanese restaurants in town for years..
  • A wine list, Japanese beers and great options among their desserts, you won’t miss anything in the experience.
  • Quite expensive, ok, you can easily reach € 50 per person, but Japanese restaurants tend to be not precisely cheaps, so this case in particular, for the reasons we have already given, justify the disbursement. At least nobody will be disappointed.
Dirección: Paseo Colón, 41, San Sebastián, España

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