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    Nice pintxos in the city center at Zazpi bar

    Terraza Zazpi Donosti

    The Zazpi bar is well located in the pedestrian San Marcial street. It’s a bar daily frequented by workers from the sorrounding area and, lately, also by people scaping from the massified Parte Vieja. Its interior may seem not very glamorous, but don’t trust in appearances, this bar has a fabulous kitchen which worths to be visited. The offer in pintxos is… pure luxury, haute cuisine in a small size format. The staff also seems to be motivated and has knowledge about the product list or possible recommendations about wines. In short, it’s a place where invest wisely the budget when going out on a pintxos tour. Friendly prices in the…

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    Inside the Basque Culinary Center

    Opened in 2011, the BCC is an important reference in Europe regarding gastronomy. But, to know its activity is not neccesary to enroll in the Faculty of Gastronomic Sciences or belong to the Center for Research and Gastronomic Innovation, the general public can also go to the restaurant and check how these possible future great chefs are being formed. Prior reservation -and only in their website- is required, from Monday to Friday and during the academic year (September- June): Dish of the day (on the 4th floor restaurant): Prepared by students of the first year of the degree – always supervised by their teachers – this option includes a main…

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    Bars in Amara: El Once de Sancho el Sabio

    decoración el once

    Opened in December, this small bar is a good choice for locals and people lodged in Amara. In a nearby future, this zone will be refurbished to expand the terrace area, creating a nice boulevard. Meanwhile, El Once serves and suggests good wines as well as a small menu with portions and pintxos. The kitchen is simple and occasionally serves canned products, but always good quality and served with toasted and prepared with oil bread. When to go: From the coffee hour in the morning, to noon with a classic paella at the terrace in case of good weather, until the wine time in the evening. So, make a stop here…

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    Basque Country meets Mexico at Gatxupa

    Pintxo y margarita

    In the last years we are living in our city the opening of middle-class restaurants bearing the name of big chefs. It’s possibly a way to be even more loaded diversify their businesses. This phenomenon offers to ordinary citizens the oportunity to be somewhere lookalike the stars, whether Michelin or not. Oh, this humility moves us… One of these cases has been Gatxupa, inaugurated a few months ago by chef Bruno Oteiza -born and fed in Donostia but become a seasoned pro after travelling around half the world- who, at his return to San Sebastian, has decided that we needed another restaurant basque-mexican fusion. Will it have our approval?  It’s Saturday…